Muscle Testing

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Patients Please be Warned about the Fraud of Muscle Testing and the Point Probe.

Many alternative health practitioners such as doctors , chiropractors, naturopaths and thousands of other therapists use a fraudulent practice of subtle muscle control. They use techniques such as muscle testing, point probes, pendulums, rub pads, hand modes, etc. These bogus practitioners claim that the readings are from the patients energy field, when in fact the therapist is in total command of the results. The therapist is in complete control and uses this to get the fooled patient to buy a remedy or something else. The therapist uses subtle muscle control techniques to fraud the patient. The whole process is fraudulent magic act. The muscle tester varies the amount of pressure. The point probe technician varies the speed of delivery of the point probe. A fast delivery brings a higher reading, a slow delivery brings a low reading, the end all pressure means nothing. Thus the therapist can control the response and make the reading say anything the therapist wants. This process is often done by the unconscious of the therapist, he is surprised to find out that he is in complete control of the results. But only a brave few can admit and release the fraudulent magic act. The proof of this fraud can be found in the following.

1. The therapist must know what he is testing to get consistent results.
2. In hundreds of double blind studies it has been shown that all of theses muscle testing and point probes has shown the total control of results is with the therapist. No valid results of medication testing have been shown from subtle muscle control.
3. The therapist or doctor uses this to sell a product.

To prove this to a therapist, have them test a set of at least 12 or more remedies. They can then see which the patient reacts positively to or not. Then test again with a double blind. Put each into a bag or use a blindfold. When the therapist does not know what he is testing then it is soon found that the process does not work without the therapist knowing what he is testing. Be aware that these therapist will try any rationalization or excuse to explain their failure, and most will go to extreme lengths to cheat during the test. You see their emotional attachments to the control these fraudulent ways have is quite addictive.
You see they are taught these counterfeit and false techniques by supposed credible doctors. Most of these doctors are unaware or they ignore the science and the lack of double blind results. The lie of point probes, muscle testing etc is so pervasive locked into their math phobic teachers. It seems that even the teachers can not expose the fraud. So now it comes down to us the patients to extend alert and warn the public of these bogus and fraudulent techniques.